Saturday, November 24, 2012

Item of the Day

November 23, 2012

As you can see, today's item is the Yoga Legging by Victoria's Secret. Well, since Thanksgiving is officially over, many people want to lose those few extra pounds that they gained on Thursday. Luckily, PINK by VS is here to help! With their trendy yoga leggings, you won't be embarrassed at the gym. They're cute, comfortable, and totally in your budget! These leggings are only $43.

Style It
Right now, you may be wondering how to style these trendy yoga leggings. I mean, with the adorable label and metallic waistband, you probably want to match everything to create a chic-but-relaxed look. But you don't have to look perfectly put together to look good in these leggings! When I want to take a nice jog around the neighborhood, I pair them with one of my comfy t-shirts, or even a hoodie. These leggings look great with any kind of tennis shoes, too, so don't try to pair them correctly. Whatever you choose, just remember to be comfy and cute!

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