Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Thoughts

My Thoughts On Twitter

I think Twitter is great! I, personally, have a Twitter account and I go on it every day. I love seeing what celebrities are up to, when blogs are updated, and I especially love the quote pages. I am always posting pictures on my Twitter and writing posts about what inspires me. Lots of my friends have Twitters, so I also follow them to see what they're up to.
What do you think about Twitter? Do you have an account? Do you want to create an account?
Now I have a question for you: Twitter or Facebook?

My Thoughts - Introduction

I'm thinking of making a new column to write about called My Thoughts. Here, I will give you my thoughts on certain movies, TV shows, music, magazines, websites, and many others. I might also share my thoughts on gossip and celebrities, as long as I get some feedback from you guys about my posts.

So, what do you think about my new column? Do you think My Thoughts will be a hit or is it just a lame idea? I want to hear your ideas and thoughts!

I'm Really Sorry Everyone

I'm really sorry! I haven't been on Blogger in so long since I have had so much homework and so much studying to do. Currently, I am looking for new writers to keep this blog active, so please apply. I will hire as many new writers as I can, so you have a great chance at getting a job for us. I only ask that everyone who applies for a job follows the blog and if they get the job, they post at least once a week. I think I'm going to stop posting Item of the Day since I've gotten no feedback on those posts and because they take a while to write. I really want to make this blog more active and get more posts for you guys to read, to promote us! The more followers and writers, the more I'll want to post and keep the blog updated.

Monday, December 10, 2012

City of Dreams

Item of the Day

December 10, 2010
If you want to be lazy this Monday, these destroyed skinny jeans from Forever 21 are perfect for you! At only $25 they are super affordable and super trendy. Find them in Forever 21 stores or at forever21.com.

Style It
With jeans like these, you don't need much styling. Just choose your favorite top, bag, and shoes to wear with your cute jeans. Add accessories, like a belt, a necklace, or bracelets, to make an even bigger statement.

Bit of an Update

Hey guys, sorry I haven't blogged in a while! I've been crazy busy with a ton of schoolwork and tests to do. I promise to be more active from now on! I have to work on the newspaper, blog, and yearbook for school so that's taking up a ton of my computer time.
Okay, I'm starting to wonder if you guys like my segments on here. No one is really liking any of my posts so I'm wondering if you want me to post more of my new segments. Please comment and follow!
-Natalie, xoxo