My Store Reviews

Forever 21
Hands down, this is my ultimate favorite store! Their clothes are so chic and elegant, but some items are more laid-back and casual. I have a few pairs of their jeans, which are so comfy and cute. Most of my dresses come from Forever 21, as well as my accessories. I have a whole rack of shirts that I bought from this amazing store, and I'm totally obsessed. From the low prices, to the high quality of the items, this store has it all. No Forever 21 in your city? No problem! You can shop Forever 21 on their website,

Charlotte Russe
I am totally obsessed with the shoes at Charlotte Russe! I own a ton of their shoes and I keep coming back to buy more. They have every style, print, and size, so how can you resist? Their skirts are super cute, and I own about ten. Their jackets, especially the leather jackets, are so comfy and cute. Their dresses are Homecoming-worthy, and I even bought my dress from Charlotte Russe. If you like them on Facebook, every week you can 'spin the wheel' and they will give you a free print-out coupon for their shoes. How great is that? No Charlotte Russe in your area? Go to their website,

More trendy stores to come!

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